Saturday, November 21, 2009

what im thinking???

hmm..actually aq rasa something weird happen to me..i dun know maybe it juz my feeling..but..i feel like..juz 4get it.i dun wan to think about that.!

sometimes i feel like im so dumb..!how can i do that..!right now i feel myself like a freaky girl n dun know what she wants in her life..!n so on..there's many think that i should handle by myself..nothing could change..

and i know who read this would not understand what im thinking right now n whats the problem..yeah thats a question too..

sometimes i dun want to be like this..who wants her life ruined bcoz other's problem???yeah...wuteva is i have to be cool right now..n actually i dun know what im thinking n what im supposed to do..??

i juz want some hapiness juz that???is it wrong for me??u never understand what i feel..n u dun want to know what i feel..coz u never feel that i very important to u??right?
thanks..!for all u had done to me.!hope u will happy ever after with ur new life with.......