Monday, March 14, 2011

time to change~


selepas melihat menelaah suma
di sekeliling aku..

i realizaed something..
i make a lot of mistakes ! gosh it worst!

sometimes..i never grateful for wat HE gave to me..
i was too proudd..:(

i always far from HIM..
but i forgot that all i have now given from HIM.

I HAVE to change my attitude! yeah must!
past is past! i really regret it..

sorry umi..i can't make u proud of me
but i PROMISE! i will learn from all those STUPID mistakes
that i made before..

next year is a really2 important year for me and all my friends..
i will make my best! yeahh

the most important is i realized love is just WASTING my time.
soo... yeahh i dun knoww

YA Allah, i need ur guidance always..
thanks for all! thanks for make me realized all this..

forgive me..i made a lot of sins..
i forgot u..:(

to you all,remember. Whatever happens, remember our God . He always beside us. twenty four seven. Alhamdulillah. now, im change!! i do not want to repeat my KEBODOHAN.

dear all my girls..this not the time to PLAY anymore..
remember our parents really hope on us !
we are their lets not make them dissapointed.!

patience friends..
dun make LOVE ruined everything n our future!

its not too CHANGE! coz ALLAH is always be there :)